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Vertical Super Fine Grinding Mill (Vertical Roller Mill) VX Mill [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Vertical Super Fine Grinding Mill (Vertical Roller Mill) VX Mill

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The Kurimoto VX Mill is designed to feed material to the center of a table, where the material horizontally rolls and moves in the peripheral direction of the table with centrifugal force. The material is ground between the table and three rollers installed along the top face on the concave section in the table and conveyed further in the peripheral direction. Furthermore, the material is conveyed to the separator with the ascending air-stream for classifying there.


  • Economical production of a wide range of products from super fine particles up to submicron order in size to coarse particles
  • Operating capability with maximum reliability
  • Easy setup of the operating conditions
  • Superb wear resistance
  • Low vibration and low noise


  • Ceramic materials
  • Limestone
  • Plaster
  • Pigments
  • Talc
  • Blast furnace slag
  • Cement materials
  • Quick lime
  • Fluorite
  • Agalmatolite
  • Recycled products such as pilgrim shell
  • Serpentine rock
  • Coal
  • Sulfur
  • Petroleum coke
  • Coke
  • Phosphate rock
  • Manganese dioxide
  • Roof tile scraps
  • Electrolytic iron
  • Zircon sand



SizeGrinding capacityMotor output(kW)
(t/h): Conventional unit
VX-03 0.5 7.5<11
VX-05 1.7 15<22
VX-07 3.9 37<55
VX-08 5.4 55<90
VX-10 9.5 110<180
VX-12 15 150<230
VX-14 22 200<330
VX-16 30.8 260<450
VX-18 41.3 350<600
VX-20 53.8 450<800

Note)Grinding capacities are based on grinding tests with limestone up to -45mm(325 mesh)95%.

Typical Flow Sheet

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