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Continuous · Compact Kneading (Reacting) Processor for Research and Development   S1KRC Kneader / Reactor [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Continuous · Compact Kneading (Reacting) Processor for Research and Development   S1KRC Kneader / Reactor

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S1KRC Kneader S1KRC Reactor


We have developed an Ultra-compact Kneading and Reacting Unit, which is the best suited for the research and development of continuous reaction.
This unit makes it possible to collect a large number of samples and data using a bit of samples, and pursue the research and development in a short period.


  • Compact design requires the floor space only of 1.5 m2or less.
  • Excellent self-cleaning action
  • A bit of sample (e.g. effective capacity of 120 cc) makes the unit operational.
  • Powerful mixing
  • Available for high-viscosity materials
  • Enhanced piston flow of process materials
  • Respondent to all phase changes


1. Kneader

  • Blending and mixing of broad materials

2. Reactor

  • Polycondensation reaction and mass polymerization reaction of polymers
  • Removal of monomers and unreacted materials
  • Desolvent
  • Drying and evaporation
  • Solidification



 S1 KRC KneaderS1 KRC Reactor
Machine size ø25×255mm(L/D=10.2) ø25×255mm(L/D=10.2)
Rotating speed 96<384min-1(60Hz) <300min-1(60Hz)
Heating method Band heater 1.5 kW Brass cast heater (two zones)
Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling
Degree of vacuum Targeted value: ---- 3 Torr or less
Material (Standard type) Barrel: SUS316 Screw and paddle: SCS314
(Abrasion resistant type)Barrel: SUS316
Internal surface: WC flame spray
Screw and paddle: CIX (high chrome cast iron)
Liquid-contact part: SUS316 or equivalent
Barrel structure Split barrel (two portion, upper and lower) One-piece barrel
Drive unit 0.4 kW, 4 poles, stepless variable reduction gear 0.75 kW, 4 poles, 1/15, inverter motor (ExdIIBT4)
Option (1)Screw feeder
(2)Metering pump
(3)Cooling press roller
(4)Water tank
(6)Feed hopper with jacket
(7)Discharge nozzle equipped with jacket
(8)Discharge nozzle equipped with band heater (temperature controller)
(9)Cooling device
(10)Torque meter and indicator
(1)Vacuum equipment
(Vacuum pump, trap, and condenser)
(2)Raw material feeder (tank and pump)
(3)Product receiving tank (vacuum specification)
(4)Cooling device
(5)Gear pump used for discharging liquid
(6)Torque meter and indicator

Common Flow Sheet

KRC Kneader Model Flow 

KRC Kneader Model Flow



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