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Message from the President


As a true manufacturer with core technologies to stand on.

Kurimoto, Ltd. President
Kushida Moriyoshi

For more than 100 years from the day of establishment in 1909, Kurimoto has been building social infrastructure, improving industrial equipment and continuously servicing those products throughout their lifecycle, as a commitment to a more comfortable and safer way of life.

As we look to the next 100 years, our goal is to better understand what customers want and provide them with even greater value.

I say this because, with the way that industry is evolving, we can no longer claim to be "building the future" by relying on efficient manufacturing alone. We need also to listen closely to customers and understand how they use our products and what they are trying to achieve to the same degree as they do, and then reflect that in our technologies, products and services. That will require us to shape ourselves as a true manufacturer that is versed in the characteristics of markets and regions around the world, and that places the customer's interests first and foremost. It will additionally require relentless efforts to hone and innovate our core technologies and improve the quality of our business.

In order for our customer's to realize their dreams, all of our other stakeholders to realize theirs, and for us at Kurimoto to realize ours as a global group, we are resolute about changing ourselves in ways that continue the flow of original technologies, products and services from our group.

I ask for your continued support of what we are tying to achieve for you and us at Kurimoto.