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Message from the President


We will foster a corporate culture that rises to the challenge.
We will expand business without rushing, overexerting ourselves, or giving up.

Kurimoto, Ltd. President
Kazutaka Kikumoto

Kurimoto, Ltd. celebrated its 114th anniversary in February 2023.
I would like to thank our customers, shareholders, backing financial institutions, suppliers, business partners, employees, and all other stakeholders for the support they have given us over the years.

While the global outbreak of COVID-19 has finally calmed down, the situation in Ukraine still shows no signs of ending. Energy and raw material prices are soaring, and the global economic environment remains uncertain and unstable. The Change taking place on a global scale like this is simply beyond imagination. To ensure business continuity and steadily generate profits under any circumstances, we believe it is essential to take our approach to the next level and move from adapting to change to creating change.

We will identify our seeds, but will not rely on specific markets or technologies. We will not only target growth markets that attract attention, but also look out for those markets that do not draw much attention. We will match needs to seeds and expand product and solution categories as much as possible. All these efforts will lead to a stronger portfolio.

We, the Kurimoto Group, will continue to work together as "Team Kurimoto". We are not afraid of failure. The fear of failure will not hold us back from moving forward. We will foster a corporate culture of aggressively and boldly rising to challenges. We will accelerate efforts to expand business, but we will not rush, overexert ourselves, or give up.

Please keep a close watch on Kurimoto's further developments as we explore new business domains under the slogan of "Go forward!" The age-old Japanese philosophy of "Sanpo-yoshi," a three-way satisfaction, says that business should be good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society. To this, we add a fourth element--good for the future. In the spirit of "Yonpo-yoshi," a four-way satisfaction, we strive to bring about a better future for all.