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Presented Papers

We present the titles of published / submitted papers as well as lectures.

Scientific / Research papers


Tribological properties of sulfide dispersed Pb-free Copper alloy
Proceedings of PM2010 World Congress & Exhibition
Sintering processes of Pb-free Copper alloy for friction materials
Proceedings of PM2011 World Congress & Exhibition
Key techniques to control porous microsphere morphology in S/O/W emulsion system
Colloids and Surfaces A:Physlcochemical and Engineering Aspects 373 (2011).p.152-157
Friction stir welding of pure titanium lap joint
Science and Technology of Welding & Joining, Vol. 15,?No. 5, 2010, p.428-432.
Microstructure at friction stir lap joint interface of pure titanium and steel
Materials Letters, Vol. 64 (2010), Issue 21, p.2317-2320.
Grain Orientation and Texture Evolution in Pure Titanium Lap Joint Produced by Friction Stir Welding
Materials Transactions, Vol. 51, No. 11 (2010), p.2063-2068.


Effect of Nickel on various properties of Bismuth-bronze cast metals
(Co.) Japan Foundry Engineering Society Vol. 81 (2009) No. 4
Casting properties of nickel-containing bismuth-bronze cast metals
(Co.) Japan Foundry Engineering Society Vol. 81 (2009) No. 12
Research on the evaluation of fatigue damage in composite materials reinforced with ceramic particles
(Co.) The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (August 2009)
Analysis of various factors in the rate of generation of metallic nanoparticles in the arc plasma method
Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 46, 865-872 (2009)
Combined abrasion and agitation of high-strength magnesium alloys containing microcrystals and aluminum alloys
The Japan Institute of Metals Journal Vol.73, No.2 (2009), p.103-109
Combined abrasion and agitation of fire-resistant magnesium alloys and their resistance to spot-welding
The Japan Institute of Metals Journal Vol.74, No.5 (2010)
Texture and its effect on mechanical properties in fiber laser weld of a fine-grained Mg alloy
Materials Letters, Vol. 63 (2009), Issue 11, p.870-872
Effect of Dispersed Intermetallic Particles on Microstructural Evolution in the Friction Stir Weld of a Fine-Grained Magnesium Alloy
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Volume 40, Issue 9 (2009), pp. 2212-2219
Effect of Intermetallic Compound Layer on Tensile Strength of Dissimilar Friction-Stir Weld of a High Strength Mg Alloy and Al Alloy
Materials Transactions, Vol. 50, No. 12 (2009), pp. 2833-2838
Effect of biofilm on ennoblement and localized corrosion of stainless steel in fresh dam-water
Corrosion Science, Vol. 52 (2010), p1393-1403
Development of Compact MR Fluid Clutch for Human-Friendly Actuator
Advanced Robotics, in press
Magnetorheology of colloidal dispersion containing Fe nanoparticles synthesized by arc-plasma method
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322 (2010) 1868-1871
Unique porous microspheres with dense core and porous layer prepared by a novel S/O/W emulsion technique
Chemical Communications, 2009, 5533-5535
Collision synthesis of unique carbon nanomaterials inspired by the Allende meteorite
Solid State Communications, 150, p.198-200