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"KURIMOTO TECHNICAL REPORT" is a collection of technical papers that introduces the results of our research and development as well as new products and technologies to a wide range of people inside and outside the company.
First published in 1979, some of them are available in PDF format.

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Published in Jan. 2023

This Technical Report are released now in PDF format.

ContentsFile size of PDF
Experiment and Reproduction Analysis of Behavior of Seismic-Type Ductile Iron Pipelines Subjected to Fault Displacements PDFリンク [4.23MB]
Development of Spiral Cap for Uniformity of Pseudo-Alloy Thermal Sprays PDFリンク [3.80MB]
Development of Thermal Oil Boiler of Radiant Heat Transfer Type for Biomass Power Generation with CFD (Final Report) PDFリンク [6.22MB]
Development of New Cone Crusher "PREGE CONE" PDFリンク [2.79MB]
Development of Nonflammable GFRP Material for Railway Vehicles PDFリンク [1.97MB]
Improvement of Ware Resistance of Magnesium Alloy Products Using Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation PDFリンク [4.20MB]
Automatic Draining Unit (Space Saving Type) PDFリンク [4.71MB]
Valves for Hydroelectric Power Plants PDFリンク [2.01MB]
Metal Sound Insulation Panel with Inspection Port PDFリンク [1.25MB]
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Locking Bolts PDFリンク [1.26MB]
Key Divice for Creating Haptic Feedback PDFリンク [1.52MB]