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Introduction to the Divisions [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Introduction to the Divisions

Pipe Systems Division

Water and gas pipes underground that support society. Ductile iron pipes play a major role as the main artery of industry, and can also be found in many other places, in cities, suburbs and villages.

Product Line up
Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories.

Valve Systems Division

We handle a great number of valves for water purification and sewage treatment plants in the government sector, for power plants, steelworking plants and construction equipment in the private sector, and for overseas.

Product Line up
Butterfly valves, soft seat gate valves, eccentric valves, sluice gates and more.

Plant Engineering and Machinery Division

Industrial equipment which supports the product lineups of various industries. We play a part in bringing products to the world.
We move forward to contribute the society as comprehensive line engineering provider, by going through past achievement of own single equipment and other peripheral device.

Product Line up
Crushers, Pulverizers, Classifiers, Granulators, Mixers/Kneaders, Dispersers, Furnaces, Press Machine, Bending roll, other machinery and production line engineering.

Materials and Machinery Division

Our line of products with unique crushing technologies and materials technology, plays an active role in various types of industries, such as aggregates, iron and steel industry.

Product Line up
Crushers, Conveyors, Heat-resistant/ Wear-resistant metal castings, Wear-resistant pumps, Railroad brake disks and others.

Construction Materials division

We were the very first to manufacture and sell spiral ducts in Japan. We meet our customers' expectations with quick delivery as the only manufacturer with a nationwide network of sheaths hollow slab method and other construction materials.

Product Line up
Spiral ducts, flexible ducts, Winding pipe, noise reduction measures and others.

Plastic Products division

The polycon FRP series offers a flexible, wide range of applications for the efficient use of FRP functions. We aim to have truly reliable manufacturing processes, and we contribute to the installation of social infrastructures on a wide scale.

Product Line up
Polycon FRP pipes, Polycon FRP plates, every type of synthetic resin products, and others.