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Hammer Crusher for Coal [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Hammer Crusher for Coal

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Demonstrates good performance in crushing coal!

The Hammer Crusher is an impact crusher designed to repeatedly crush raw material between a beater head rotating at high speeds and breaker plates.


Excellent crushing performance

A number of hammers deliver an outstanding crushing effect.

Longer-lasting consumable parts

The consumable parts are made of high chromium cast iron from Kurimoto, a manufacturer of wear-resistant special steel, to extend their service life.

Reversible system

This system doubles the continuous operation time of consumable parts compared to conventional systems.

Support for raw materials of comparatively high moisture content

The unique structure enables crushing of raw materials of comparatively high moisture content.

Compact design

Compact design saves space.


Suitable to crush coal, limestone, quicklime, plaster boards, bricks, tile materials, etc.



Capacity Table

Model Rotor dimensions
Rotation Frequency
Motor Power
KHB-5 φ1000×800 575~1145 25~45 37~75
KHB-6 φ1000×1200 575~1145 45~75 55~110
KHB-9 φ1400×1200 410~820 80~120 130~200
KHB-10 φ1400×1600 410~820 100~150 160~250
KHB-12 φ1600×1800 360~715 150~230 250~450
KHB-14 φ1800×2200 320~635 250~350 500~800

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