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Multi-hole variable orifice valves "FLOTUS" Model FT-10 [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Multi-hole variable orifice valves "FLOTUS" Model FT-10

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Valve size 100 - 2400mm (4" - 96")

Under high pressure operating conditions,flow and pressure with ordinary valves generate vibration and noise due to cavitation. this can seriously damage both valve & piping. 
With kurimoto's Flotus you have a heavy duty compact control valve consisting of two disc with multiple orifices. Flotus control valves use the basic principle of the tapered inlet orifice. During operation there are even distributed jets of water which can be used to control flow and pressure. 
The precise machining and exceptional smoothness of the opening act to suppress the affects of cavitation, such as noise vibration and line turbulence.

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