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Precautions against counterfeit products [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Precautions against counterfeit products

Dear Customers,

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude for your continued support and business with us. We have recently detected certain vendors and their distributors that counterfeit our trademark and our company name as if they were our affiliates, and sell various valve products in China.
We have no capital alliance or business alliance with these vendors and distributers, and their acts are to infringe our intellectual property.
We are investigating and taking measures to eliminate these counterfeiting acts, and also we would like our customers to be careful about these counterfeit products.
We would like to request our customers to purchase our products through our official sales channel. For information on our official sales channel or our products, please contact either Kurimoto, Ltd. or our affiliated company.

Website for inquiries;

Please note that we hold no responsibilities for any failures and accidents caused by using counterfeit products. We appreciate your continuous support to Kurimoto products.

August 19, 2010