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Brake Disc

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Excellent braking performance provides safety and security for railway rolling stock

Since the Japan's first 0-series bullet train (i.e.,Tokaido Shinkansen) began operation in 1964, Kurimoto has been widely supplying brake discs used in various rolling stocks.
The material Kurimoto developed to use in brake discs is a low alloy cast iron material (i.e., NCM material) containing nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr), and molybdenum (Mo), and commonly used in railway rolling stock in Japan and overseas owing to its excellent performance.
Furthermore, Kurimoto not only develops materials for brake discs used in railway rolling stock, but also conducts performance tests and assessments using a full-scale bench test machine, followed by the selection and design of appropriate brake discs under different environments and conditions.


High wear resistance

Compared with plain cast iron (FC280) that has long been used in brake discs for railway rolling stock, NCM provides wear resistance three to five times as high as FC280, thus reducing maintenance costs.

High thermal crack resistance

Compared with the plain cast iron (FC280), NCM significantly reduces the occurrence of thermal cracks, thus enhances safety.

High thermal conductivity

Even when used under high load conditions, NCM is unlikely to undergo thermal deformation, therefore it maintains stable braking performance over an extended period of time.


Brake discs used in railway rolling stock

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