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New Champion Disc

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Crusher for quality crushed sand and fine particles!

This crusher has a crushing mechanism designed to efficiently crush products to an excellent particle shape.


Large crushing capacity

The crushing chamber was designed by computer analysis. It incorporates the unique motion of the crushing liners to offer large crushing capacity. Furthermore, since the crushing head maintains its momentum even if the crushing liner becomes worn, the large crushing capacity is maintained.

Simple operation

The same hydraulic control system as that of the successfully field-proven LH Hydraulic Cone Crusher facilitates operation.

Excellent particle shape

Particles crush each other. This allows high-volume crushing to produce products of an outstanding particle shape and also single-sized crushed products.

Low noise, low vibrations

Balanced setting by computer analysis reduces noise and vibrations.

Uniform feeding (Option)

A swivel chute can be attached according to the particle size of the raw material in order to eliminate size segregation in the crushing chamber.


Suitable to produce crushed sand

Suitable to produce fine particles



Structual Diagram


Capacity Table

Model Maximum Feeding Size
Process Capacity
Electric Motor
N100CD 35× 50× 70 80 110
N150CD 50× 70×100 130 190
N250CD 70×100×140 185 260
N350CD 85×120×170 245 370
N400CD 100×140×195 310 450

1)The values shown in the table are the standard values obtained when the dry materials of proper viscosity with apparent specific gravity of 1.6 are fed continistics
2)The power (kW) of the electric motor varies depending on the characteristics of the processed materials.
3)Please contact us when feeding the rock whose exceeds the maximum feeding dimensions shown above.

Crushed particle size

Production of single-sized crushed product and crushed sand

Production of crushed sand

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