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LH Cone Crusher

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Offers extraordinary crushing capacity and ease of maintenance!


Large crushing capacity

A large eccentric stroke (throw) and the unique shape of the crushing chamber deliver large crushing capacity and end-products of excellent particle shape.

Stable operation

Because there is no spider arm, operation precedes continuously and stably without concerns over bridging caused by a large block of raw stone.

Substantial reduction in running costs

The unique shape of the crushing chamber enables the mantle bowl liner to be used effectively. Moreover, no consumable parts such as an upper arm protector, upper bearing or seal are used. This achieves a substantial reduction in running costs.

Simple operation

Simple switch operation facilitates setting and adjustment. The worn depth of the bowl liner can be checked from the control panel.


Crushing for stone or ore



Structural Diagram


Capacity Table

1)The values shown in the table are the standard values obtained when the intermediate handness materials with apparent specific gravity of 1.6 are fed continuously.
2)The set marked with ※ may be unavailable depending on the characteristics of processed materials and water.

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