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Winding core pipes

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A winding core made of reinforced plastic, used in the manufacturing and processing of products such as metallic foil and high-performance films such as optical films etc.

Kurimoto Ltd also offers general-purpose grade cores that are perfect for the winding of general-purpose plastic film, paper products, etc.



Having excellent cylindricity and circularity, and minimizing winding wrinkles.
High-Rigidity Very rigid and stable winding.
Dust-Free Adaptable for use in clean rooms.
Heat Resistance No deformation even under high temperature, because thermosetting plastic is used.
Reusable Can be reused by repairing of the surface, cutting of both ends, and so on, if the core is damaged.



Winding of films such as PET, PE, PI
Winding of high-performance film. 
e.g. optical film
Winding of processed film such as deposition.
Winding of paper products
Winding of seals, labels, etc.
Winding of metallic foil


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