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Mixing and Compression Granulating Machine MRCP Roller Compactor [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Mixing and Compression Granulating Machine MRCP Roller Compactor

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By combining the MRCP Roll Compactor with two-shaft self-cleaning type kneading machine to have raw materials intruded between the rolls, you can gain a variety of features, which could not be provided with previous dry-type compression granulating machines.


  • The MRCR Roll Compactor has a two-shaft self-cleaning type screw, which maintains stability of processing capability even with adherent materials.
  • Screws are segmented for ease of replacement when worn and torn.
  • By installing kneading paddles, you can achieve adding binder and granulation in one system.
  • The MRCR Roll Compactor is available for mixing, compression, and de-gassing as the pretreatment equipment for kneading machines, enabling you to increase the kneading capacity.


  • Chemical Industry : Plastics (e.g. phenol, urea, and melamine)
  • Electronics : Ferrite, toner, and paints
  • Pharmaceuticals : Chinese medicine, antibiotics, and others
  • Food products : Seasonings, condiments, and food additives
  • Fertilizers : Lime, chloride of potash, ammonium chloride, and compound fertilizers
  • Agricultural chemicals : Herbicides and insecticides
  • Inorganic substance : Purified talc, lime, and clay


ModelRoll size(mm)
MRCP-160W ø160×90W
MRCP-200 ø200×90W
MRCP-200W ø200×114W
MRCP-250 ø250×114W
MRCP-250W ø250×144W
MRCP-320 ø320×144W
MRCP-320W ø320×180W
MRCP-400 ø400×180W
MRCP-400W ø400×225W

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