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Cooling · Evaporation · Devolatilization · Reaction SC Processor

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The SC Processor is a self-cleaning type heating and cooling equipment, which can process various kinds of materials, such as adherent and high viscosity materials ranging from liquid to slurry and powder materials.

The SC Processor has hollow type screw and paddle on two shafts, which counter rotate.

The SC Processor circulates heating medium through hollow type screw and paddle and also barrel jacket, thus providing a larger heating surface area.

Furthermore, the SC Processor has an exclusive chamber on the upper part of barrel to provide a higher evaporation capacity.

The SC Processor is the best-suited equipment for substituting as;

  • Agitation-type indirect heating dryer that has not served useful functions due to material adhesion
  • Continuous kneader that has had a problem in the devolatilizing performance due to closed barrel.


  • Homogeneous heating with the larger heating surface area The screw and paddle are of hollow structure and heated with the heating medium along with the barrel jacket.
  • High degassing performance The upper part of the barrel is open throughout its length, thus providing a larger area to de-gas moisture or solvent.
  • No adherence of sticky materials Stable operation is ensured by the employment of self-cleaning type paddle.
  • Processing with a big phase-change by a single unit The paddle can perform self-feeding of a variety of materials from high viscosity materials to powder.
  • Sharp distribution of stay time This Processor has less dead space, and all paddles are provided with a feed function.
  • Operation under reduced pressure Viscous materials can be devolatilized by pressure reduction inside the Processor.


  • Crystallization and drying/granulation of liquid materials
  • Desolvation of resins (i.e., from liquid to powder)
  • Drying of slurry of inorganic substance
  • Cooling of adherent and high viscosity materials
  • Pre-drying of adherent powder
  • Kneading and drying of two-component materials
  • Reaction of organic substance


Model number Paddle diameter
Length of paddle section
Heating surface area
Rotation speed
SCP-100 100 600/900 0.7/1.0 5 < 50 5.5
SCP-160 160 960/1440 1.7/2.6 5 < 40 15
SCP-250 250 1500/2250 4.3/6.5 5 < 30 37
SCP-400 400 2400/3600 11.2/16.8 5 < 20 90
SCP-630 630 3780 27.7 5 < 15 220

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