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Capacity: 16MN (1600 ton)

Record of forging Golf Head


Sample Forging Parts: Golf Head

Other Major products forged by CFM-16

Crankshaft for 2-wheels   Indonesia
Hubs   Taiwan
CVJ Japan
Gears Indonesia
Clutch Hub Japan
Construction related Japan
Pinion Japan
Bearing Japan

* Above charts are only examples. Coditions of the production may be defferent by each specification.

Isn’t it a time to replace from LKM-1600 to CFM-16?


KURIMOTO is the only one Japanese forging press manufacturer who knows everything of LKM.

In 1960, KURIMOTO had been allied with Smeral Brno a.s. in Czechoslovakia for a technical cooperation, and since the 1st LKM-1600 had been manufactured by KURIMOTO in 1966, we had sold around 100 units of LKM-1600. LKM-1600 has a steel plate/monocoque framed structure with a good operation ability; however, the cost for maintenance becomes large due to the fact of that it is getting decrepit. CFM-16 is an orthodox succession press which developed for replacement for LKM-1600.

What to be changed?

To be compact

CFM-16 was designed to be compact its height by simplified the structure of LKM-1600.

Environmental-friendly equipment

Oil-type lubricant is adapted to drive-side and gibs, and it is collected after use and can be re-used.

Pursuing more precise forging products

The steel plate-frame of CFM-16 is divided into 3 frames, and those are tighten together by tie rods, and that makes a rigid structure. The slide is supported by 2 connecting rods that allows wider permissible range of eccentric load. Also the 8 guide gibs prevent and minimize the tilting of the slide.

Shorten the downtime

It is easy to set the slide adjustment device on the operation panel. It also can be used to release the sticking by increasing the hydraulic pressure on the lift side.

Improve the productivity

It can be converted to "Automatic" Forging press, by adding optional transfer system "TES-25" or "TES-R".

Improve the maintainability

The friction block type of brake is adapted that has a characteristics of long-life and easy to maintenance.

How to replace?

Die set

Because CFM-16 was developed to replace for LKM-1600, original die set of LKM-1600 can be used to CFM-16 without any modifications.


For CFM-16 installation, current foundation and foundation bolts of LKM-1600 can be re-used by attaching the garters.

Thank you for your considerations! 

※We also have a variation of CFM series, CFM-10 (Capacity:1000ton).
※Please contact us for further information on press replacement regardless of press models or manufacturers.

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