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Emergency Shut-Off Butterfly Valves [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Emergency Shut-Off Butterfly Valves

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Valve size 400 - 1500mm (16" - 60")

When such an emergency should arise as an earthquake or earth-avalanche damaging pipelines or their deterioration in use, Kurimoto's emergency shut-off valve would not only automatically, safely and quickly shut off the affected pipeline, thereby securing the valuable water supply, but preclude the secondary disaster from effluent. 
The emergency shut-off valve comprises a valve body, locking device, self-closing device(weight), hydraulic shock absorber, actuator etc., and the valve body is fabricated in conformity with JIS-B-2064 Butterfly valve for water service. It has a valve closing system including a line abnomality detector, also provided with a control panel incorporating the system operationcheck function for normal operation.

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