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Corporate Philosophy / Corporate Message [KURIMOTO, LTD.]

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Corporate Philosophy / Corporate Message

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We respect and value earth, its water, air and life, and we will protect social infrastructure.
  2. We offer "reassurance" in response to the society and our customer's trust.
  3. We listen to our customers, learn from our customers, further develop and innovate technology, and offer original, "suitable systems" to our customers.
  4. We aim for the happiness of our employees and the happiness of mankind through manufacturing products.
  5. For the implementation of the above, we ensure strict compliance, harmonize inheritance and changes, respect individuality and ingenuity, and work hard to contribute to society and the development of business.

Corporate Message

Kurimoto - Manufacturing the future

Since our establishment in 1909, Kurimoto's first priority has been customer satisfaction.
We have contributed to the improvement of social infrastructure, and the expansion of lifelines and industrial equipments. We continue to refine the technology we have accumulated in 100 years.With our original technology and by providing products and services, we would like to continue to contribute in protecting the lifelines and people's way of life.
Our aim is to be a unique company brimming with creativity and the spirit of challenge.
This is Kurimoto's wish.